Purchases can be paid with:

Credit card

Through PayPal you can pay an order using your credit cards even without having a Paypal account.
The Paypal platform in fact allows those who own a Paypal account to pay without transferring personal information verifying that the transaction is successful, but also allows those who do not have an account to pay with their credit card managing the transaction between seller and buyer (at no cost to the buyer).

Tartaggia srl ​​uses PayPal to guarantee the security of your payments. As a leading online payment company, PayPal has set a standard for fraud protection, continuing to develop and implement a wide range of security measures. On Tartaggia srl ​​we also have an SSL Certificate that protects your payments and personal data.

The bank transfer is not one of the many forms of payment, it is now and for some years the most used form of payment in the world, not only for entrepreneurs or professionals as it once was, is now the standard to receive and send payments of all kinds. The bank transfer is in effect the safest form of payment in the world.

With a bank transfer we can be sure to make the sum arrive, which has no limits or minimums or maximums, in a completely safe way even very far, in a short time and to whom we want. In the European Union the maximum time required to make a transfer is three days, but may vary in other places. However we are sure that the amount will arrive and that thanks to our receipt and to the CRO (transaction reference code) the beneficiary can not doubt the payment. With regard to security, bank transfers have been thoroughly regulated. If the bank transfer is sent from one bank to another, both parties must have a confirmed identity, and this makes it easy to track who receives it.

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